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Hey guys,

So this is a relaunch and if you started reading my blog back in November, then this post will all sound familiar. But hey I’m back!




I have always been interested in interior design and I have also wanted to work for myself. Like most of us, it took me some time to realise it could be a career.

In the last couple of years, I realised, you know what, I can do this! We only get the weekend to relish in our true passions and that shouldn’t be the case. Come on! Look at the world and how amazing it can be and it really is! Surely everyone is uniquely talented to support that! You just need to figure out exactly what it is you will bring to expand this story of life and creation.

For that reason, I have started this blog, I no longer want to wait in life and put excuses in front of all my goals and you shouldn’t either. So, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What do I want in life?
  • Have I done anything to support this?
  • What am I prepared to do, to win this?



This blog is my stepping stone.



CREATE – So mood boards, DIY tutorials, room makeovers, product reviews and anything that I feel inspires me. I want to give you interior decor through my eyes, without boundaries and limitations.

EXPLORE – Sometimes I may just want to share a little more of my personal side. Or maybe I’m going through something and I think you guys can relate. I could just be going to a nice restaurant, love the décor and want to share it with you guys. One of the things that stopped me from starting my blog was the need to be perfect. I kept adding to this ladder of expectations, which turned into years of excuses. I only know how to be me, it’s much easier and now I am very relaxed in doing so, looool.

So, expect a little bit more than just interiors.

INSPIRE – I’ve always had a mini obsession with start-up companies, as in I could stay in on a Friday and just research their journeys all night, that was my cinema. Both my parents showed me the entrepreneurial spirit, and I guess it rubbed off. I think it’s more of the risk, the fearlessness and perseverance combined with a cool idea. It doesn’t matter where I am, somehow, I’m always trying to find out what peoples hidden talents or dreams are.

This is all in the hope that one day I can reach a wider audience. For now, inspiring one person is as powerful to me, as it is many. I have been on this journey for a minute and life doesn’t stop for you to catch up. You must go and get what you want. How does anyone out there know of the thoughts and plans you have in your head? Even if it’s small you will get something back and preparation will always elevate you to the next level in the form of success or a valued lesson. It’s important that we stay focused and don’t let the monotonous daily habits of work and just life in general, gobble all our dreams.

Some of you have hidden talents, enough to start a business, become successfully self-employed or embark on studies. However, a lot of us lack the confidence or know how to go about it. I call you guys the secret squirrels, just like myself, hoarding your nuts of talent. So please do share with the rest of u!

If I can help with my monthly inspiration, then I will help with my monthly inspiration.

STUDY – I’m one of those people who will rather break it apart or watch a video instead of hiring someone to do it for me. Saying that, you should still be able to release and let someone more skilled handle it at times. There are some things you can do yourself, especially at times when you want to save money. So, under the study guide you can find courses, webinars and downloads, to help you improve in the areas of business, blogging and self-improvement.

So, if you have a love for interiors, your a budding entrepreneur and a women with real life problems, then sign up for more reads.

Let’s take this journey together.




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