My First Ever Interior Bloggers Event!

So, I attended my first ever bloggers event a few months ago, thanks to the lovely Sarah Akwisombe. To add to my excitement this was held at the swanky West Elm Store, on Tottenham Court Road. When Sarah presented the idea of hosting an interior bloggers event, I immediately signed up. It was the perfect opportunity I had been looking for; to dip my feet into the extroverted side of blogging. Agghhhh!

Each room in the West Elm store was hopeful, with its own style and enthusiasm. One by one, they all linked and became an indivisible unit; which kind of represented each blogger in their own unique way, united by interiors.

At times I can be a bit last minute, in a weird way it adds excitement and challenge to my life. But it is’t always practical, so I made sure I had everything planned and as life sometimes does, it ended up manifesting in its own way.


The Arrival

Firstly I had planned to arrive prompt at 7:00pm but it actually started at 6:30pm, how because I actually checked like 300 times!


So I rushed in straight to the first person that I saw with smizing eyes, I explained to her that it was my first time and I was nervous, confused and needed guidance. Kimberley was so lovely, she giggled and explained what to expect, then pointed me in the direction of signing up and getting a name tag. I was so grateful, when I later on spoke to Melissa, and she gave me the ‘411 on blogging events’ which is; from 6:30pm usually means people will be arriving within the next 30 mins onwards, however 6:30pm (without the from) means 6:30pm! OK, so that is mentally noted.


The Pictures

I charged my camera all day, and I felt really proud but my battery was completely dead. It defo read 98% near the flashy battery sign?

To make matters worse I only realised as Sara asked to take a look at it, but she was more interested in checking out the exterior aspects and reassured me someone would be taking photos throughout the night. Melissa told me not to worry, as it was something that had happened to many other bloggers before, including herself and straight away I felt so much better.



Now I’m writing this, I realise the rest of the night was pretty successful, so I’m not sure if there is a 3rd mishap.

I did go over bored chatting, that I forgot to take any pics of the store using my iPhone. There is so much to see and add to your wish list, soz. I did snap the 2 pictures below on my way out.


West Elm has so much to offer, not to mention the stores cool layout which has a mini cafe/bar section, for you to relax whilst deciding on that perfect sofa colour.

Overall, I’m glad I went, I got to meet so many talented other bloggers. It felt really nice to be surrounded by other like minded interior enthusiasts that supported and encouraged each other. 1 point to living your dream!


Check out this video of the night from Sarah’s Instagram page;









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