8 Tips to a Meaningful Monday


I always remember that feeling of dread when the new week was approaching. Saturday evening, my mood was already changing. Forget the smiley familiar faces that surrounded me, instead of embracing the moment and enjoying the company, I was busy counting the hours away.

When you focus so much on the negative aspects of life, positivity becomes the unicorn, it doesn’t even exist.

Now you can call me on any Sunday and I promise to give you the best motivational speech of your life! Firstly I am human, alarms are still annoying and I don’t skip out of bed, only on some days. However, he thing that changed for me, was my thought process. I may wish the weekend was longer, but it isn’t and I’m OK with that. I pray you open your mind to say goodbye to negativity and embrace what is to come in your week ahead.



Below are some of things I use to get me through the week;



I thank God for waking me up and blessing me with another chance of life. Whoever or whatever inspires you, be grateful! Not everyone is blessed to see the next week. It is a blessing to grow each day, embrace it, that means there is still work for you to do!



Ask yourself what you want from the week. Forget what your peers are doing, that is just setting you up for failure. What is YOUR goal? Be realistic, when you put too much on your plate, you introduce what I like to call the ‘takeaway behaviour’. “Oh I’ll do that later, actually tomorrow…nah I think I will just start next week”.

Its your task, so what can you do? Once you have your goal, add the challenge (its like adding dessert). So if your using this week to fix your website, consider a challenge of completing 25% of next weeks goal. Pushing yourself further, will eventually start to become a natural thing.



Use the time getting dressed and travelling to work, to play some music, listen to a motivational speech or an audio book. Place into your mind, encouraging and supportive sounds. The first part of your day is usually a map to how the rest of it will go.

What you hear, you feel. What you feel, you do. What you do is who you eventually become!



3 days a week is all you need and if you can’t do that, do 2 days or get off the tube a stop early, maybe watch a programme whilst doing some light standing exercises. Don’t let anyone tell you that you haven’t done enough. 1 is always better than none. Once you put in that extra effort, you will start to think differently. If you take it serious, you won’t be so eager to continue an unhealthy lifestyle, because you know how hard it is to maintain it.

You have to understand the benefits of striving in all areas. There is no point being successful and courageous in one are, but your too unhealthy to enjoy it. Trust me the busy and older you get, the more energy you need.



The thought of cooking sometimes can be overwhelming. If you know what your making and you have your ingredients, wouldn’t you say that makes for an easier life? Your less likely to eat junk food and more compelled to complete your workout, which will energise you and keep you motivated. Remember the links of striving in all areas.



I understand some jobs are very demanding but we all know our work load and expectations. Even if it is 30 minutes of the day, use it to do something for your future self, find out a colleagues hidden talent. That person could end up being your graphic designer or photographer. Figure out what your talent is, what your dreams are and chase them!

Giving 9 hours of your life for 5 days a week and not even contemplating 30 minutes to yourself, that won’t help you win. Remember its not just 9-5, its 10pm the previous night when you go to bed, 6am when you wake to prepare and 7pm before your home and settled. Don’t underestimate the power of control a full time job has on you.



Why does lunch have to consist of small talk. Let’s math it out; Mon – Fri, for a year that is 260 hours, in days that is 10! Forgive me guys but small talk irritates me at times.

Who, raise your hand please, has ever booked 10 days of work to discuss irrelevant things; like the weekend, which has now passed or the weather, which is happening anyway?

My suggestion is to read a book, take a walk, invest in yourself, watch a motivational video or buy tonight’s dinner if you haven’t planned for the week. You need to be comfortable with saying no, its OK to only have lunch with your colleague once or twice a week. Unless you bounce off of each other, then your not helping yourself grow. Even if you do work well together, you need to be comfortable by yourself, in your own space with your thoughts. Practising good mental health can save you from a heap of unwanted bad moments.



Don’t forget to rest. I get it, your pulling an all nighter or starting up a business,  but you still need energy for tomorrow. If your not strict, you can fall into the habit of always being tired, meaning grumpy which often equals sickness. You know that feeling when your body is shaking and your eyes be burning, whenever I ignore those signs, I can usually expect a cold the next day or 2.

Prioritise your workload, so that you are still working like a boss, but do it for the long run.

Let me know how you tackle on your week and if these tips worked for you?



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