Designer Furniture in Dubai Mall – Part 1



Last year I visited Dubai, and ‘Oh My Gosh’ did I not expect this level of opulance. I am actually not quite sure if I had heard of so many designer furniture stores. I’ve seen the Versace tableware on MTV cribs back in the day but just did not realise the other world.



I didn’t want to leave this spot. These colours were perfect and defiantly represented me. I think I may incorporate this in my next home renovation.

The store was filled with rich golds, bronzes, dark green tones. I defiantly could tell I wasn’t in my local home store. You have to cater to your audience but I was not prepared for how the other side live.

Saying that, I have always said out loud, when I am financially better off, furniture will be to me, what diamonds are to most girls.

I’m not going to ramble to much, so just take a look at the pics;

Jonathan Adler


There was so much to see from Jonathan Adler to Ralph Lauren and Versace which you can catch in Part 2 of this blog.

Marina Home Store was filled with so many designers itself, including British furniture designer Timothy Oulton

So not to overload you, I split this into 2 blog posts, so check out some of what I saw below.


Ralph Lauren


McKenzie Childs


Timothy Oulten



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  1. July 12, 2017 / 8:34 am

    I’m in love with home décor so much! I always say that when I have an apartment of my own I’ll spend more on it than I will on clothes and makeup haha. These pictures are really nice and there are lots of stunning pieces. xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

    • Checha
      July 14, 2017 / 8:45 am

      Thank you Demilade. It’s funny how we worry so much about everything else but our homes. At least you know where to come now for help.x

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