Designer Furniture Dubai Mall – Part 2

Here is part 2 of my furniture trip in Dubai Mall.

Even whilst writing this post, I forgot who the designer was until I saw the print. I would have been guilty of thinking everything designer would be bling bling, borderline tacky! That wasn’t the case and I would have those Fendi sofas, tables and armchairs in my house within a second, could I afford it.

You know when there isn’t a price tag on display, that it is a situation!






I love Versace for always being unapologetically themselves. In my generation Versace meant, man dem, buff ting or Puff Daddy but still years later, you know exactly what the print represents and straight away what brand it is.






If I had to pick one item it would be this throw, bold enough to make a statement but the grey would nicely blend in with my softer tones at home.





This screams Lagos client!




I hope you enjoyed visiting Dubai furniture stores with me! As there are some many pictures, I didn’t want to overload you with too much text.

Let me know what was your favourite, from either Part 1 or 2?



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