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Every so often you come across a great website, which has done the hard work for you. Decor A List, not only has a great selection of unique pieces from different designers across the globe, all under one roof. The pieces are defiantly luxury, full of colour and you won’t have to worry about the items being in every house in your street. Considering you spend so much time in your home and quite a lot of money purchasing or renting it; I think every know and then it is OK to splash out on a nice piece to join the family. I going to be looking a simple ways you can add colour to your home and her are my favourites from the site.


My first pick is no other than this beautiful lady down here (in my mind she is a woman and about her business)! I love how this chair just oozes confidence. I would be the perfect waiting room chair in the perfect office, straight away sending a bold message of fearlessness. It was created in South Africa If you someone who is scared of colour, furniture is the best way to introduce this in your home. Not only is it practical but it is a quick and easy solution to change, when you do decide to decorate again. I would always advise doing this with a piece of furniture that can also look beautiful and is useful; a bench or chair for seating, ottoman for storage and or a small coffee table would be perfect for adding a slash of colour.

Orange does not have to be so harsh, there are softer ways that you can introduce this in your home, without feeling like you have made a mistake. This ‘Awakening 4’ piece is a cool addition to any wall, and if you are someone like me who likes open white spaces, it is a great and simple way to add colour without cluttering your walls. This Xanadu Rosa cushion adds a touch of elegance and comfort by using both silk and cotton to create this happy masterpiece.




These are the kind of basin which have you forcing your guests to use the bathroom, just so you can wait for the wow moment. I think if I had one of these I would never ever forget to wipe of my makeup. I’m mean jeeeze, the Celestine is my favourite, with a light duck egg blue, this was literally made for me. They are both so beautifully made and would make any bathroom a luxury. If your like me, your fussy about showering or bathing outside your home, but with these pieces, defiantly invite me over!


Philip Hearsey effortlessly combines the use of bronze and this Caribbean sea blue to create the perfect talking piece when entertaining. I love how they just make you want to touch them, that to me is what you want when you create something. It need to strike an interest and it is the perfect thing to solve awakened silences in a party, can you just imagine the different interpretations.



You don’t always have to venture over to the bright and flamboyant pieces to accept colour in your design. Sometimes a subtle choice can offer great poise in a room and still speak loudly for itself. I chose these pieces because I think they speak with an understated elegance and also offer a modern and daring approach on design.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of wants from ‘Decor A List’, head over to the site to see the entire collection.



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