Fancy a KIP

This is very rudely the first post of the year, I just can’t believe how fast we are zooming through.

In January I ended up staying at the very well thought of KIP hotel. It’s such a simple yet well designed space and it just goes to show you can achieve greatness in design without overdoing it.

The hotel was designed with the purpose of offering affordable and stylish accommodation. I never actually thought I would ever randomly need a hotel for the night, but that is exactly what happened.

I am not a drinker and that is exactly how I ended up at Kip. Seen as I was in the area and driving back home was a straight no no, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to check out the hotel!

The booking took all of 2 minutes via and the room only cost £69. At 4am in the morning and completely exhausted, I am just proud to say I still managed to snap a few photos before conking out.

Once you arrive at the reception area you are greeted with a cool black theme with the odd pop of green leaf print wallpaper. There is also half a bike, hanging kip apparel and a coffee machine behind the main desk. At 4am in the morning that is when you can really appreciate the lack of bright lights in your face.


It is very clinical but in a good way. For me it was simple, clean and stylish and gave me everything I wanted for that night. The thing I liked was the experience feel of everything, even entering the lift you was greeted by a moving visual of all things Kip.

I didn’t get a picture of the room as I was so tired and went straight to bed, bit annoyed about that but I can guarantee you the theme continued throughout. As well as the standard things you expect at any decent hotel, Kip also offered their own brand clothing. I thought this was really smart especially if like me you only had sleeveless dress on. As I drove and always have a tracksuit in the back, I didn’t need it.

If you find your self in the area and need a quick, affordable solution for a place to stay, I would defiantly recommend Kip.


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