I’m Francesca and I’d like to welcome you on this journey of interior discovery and entrepreneurship.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for interior design. The initial  fabric seed was planted by my mother, who would decorate the family home every few years, without fail. I honestly thought this was something that everybody’s parents did, so it naturally just became the norm for me. Funnily enough, you would think the next step would be design school right…….ermm nah! If any fellow Africans are reading this, then you know first hand about the pre-planned career routes of Law, Business or Medicine. The smart compromise for me was business, I loved it and my parents got their qualification.

However, fast forward some years later, I still had that urge to design and create more. Plus there was only so many times I could pester my friends and family. So in 2016, I decided to use this blog as a platform into the interior design world and help motivate others to become a better, truer version of themselves.

Whenever I needed to get out of a funk, I always found that redecorating my space was the answer. Having a beautiful space was a great contributor in helping me get through depression. Not only was I able to stunt in my hotel at home but it ignited my creative spirit, which forced me to chase any forgotten dreams.

My goal is to help others to reach their hidden potential by creating inspirational spaces, where they can then start to discover and build on their own greatness.

So not only will you find great interior makeovers on my blog but there will also be courses and tips geared to help you practice a healthier mind and reach your business goals.


Oh, I also have a YouTube channel, which will document the inspirational makeovers I have created so far.

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Thanks for reading!